Duty of Fair Representation

Individual officers may not bring grievances against a Police Services Board. However, arbitral jurisprudence to date has allowed individual officers to bring a “duty of fair representation” (DFR) grievance against a Police Association.

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Complaints   Duty of fair representation - Civilian members - Complainant alleged association breached its duty of fair representation in settling his grievance - Complainant waited at least 16 months after being advised association would not proceed with grievance - Delay significant - Association prejudiced by delay - Association’s decision not to proceed to arbitration was not arbitrary - Complaint dismissed.
See Also: Arbitrability, Associations, Complaints
Download PDF file 16-005 07/15/2016 Anderson, Ian Toronto
Complaints   Duty of fair representation - Request for costs in arbitration of duty of fair representation complaint - Complainant awarded damages and now seeking costs of the arbitration - Arbitrator has no jurisdiction under Police Services Act to award costs - Arbitration Act, 1991 excluded - Award of costs not an inherent part of Ontario labour arbitration proceedings - Request for costs denied.
See Also: Jurisdiction, Remedies, Complaints
Download PDF file 11-009 05/31/2011 Snow, H. Toronto

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